Saturday, May 13, 2017

Playing with Green

    I have enjoyed playing with all types of green this month.  First I pulled precut green squares and bricks from my stash. Here are a few of the resulting blocks I will add to my rainbow blocks.

   Then I supervised my granddaughters' play with a new PVC construction kit and their green castle.

Fun all around.

A few days ago I cut back an old pink very large azalea plant and potted 12 pieces that had rooted.  I hope to have several new plants to give away in the fall.

This is a great month for all things Green.  Linking up with Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Irene’s Art Dolls

      I was visiting with family after a cousin's graveside service and talked some about my sister Irene’s art dolls. Instead of quilting she is focusing on art dolls and they are quite unique.  I know I have shown a few here before but decided to share a few more and her latest.
      This past January her art doll group participated in an exhibit called “White Out” and each piece was supposed to be 70% white.  She entered this all white ballerina. 

Previously she made this punk doll for her daughter’s birthday.

After a week-long class with Dutch art doll maker, Ankie Daanen, this is her latest finished doll. 

My sister Irene has been a fabulous quilter for many years.  Now she is an extraordinary art doll maker.  

*update*  Here are are couple of photos of the Raven Lady finished and up close. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Working on This and That

       Instead of focusing on one project, I am rambling between several piecing projects.  I finally made the 12th dog but halted because I did not like it.  It is growing on me.  Today I appliqued 12 bones.  Next I plan to machine embroider dog sayings. I hope to get this quilt together by July. 

      I have had 2 leader/ender projects but just wanted to sew so decided to work steady since I did not want to start something else. I pieced many parts for wonky stars. I enjoy the improvisation of the points.

      I also finished piecing enough ”Circle Back” blocks for an adult lap quilt.  These may look familiar.  Last spring I made a quilt just like this for a gift.  I had enough of the same fabric and jelly roll strips to make another.  This one will probably be a gift also.  The blocks are easy and there is not much seam matching.  The pattern is from Cozy Quilt Designs.  You can see more about it here on this YouTube video.
Enjoy some time sewing or quilting. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back to Sewing

      Not much sewing or quilting has gone on here the past couple of weeks.  After spending time preparing for a family visit, we enjoyed a great Easter weekend. Hope you did as well. 
     A few days later I made a trip to visit my sister Irene in the NC mountains.  It was a nice but short visit. I had a plant, a child’s chair and stepstool to take her as well as a box of items.  She had a few things to send home with me and I added more after we spent a day in town shopping.

     Then I made a trip to GA and a day with granddaughters.  Lily’s preschool class had a nature center field trip in the rain.

     Wednesday was sew day for church quilt group.  I pieced a backing and got this zipper top sandwiched.  Before Easter I wanted something easy to piece one evening.  It was not so easy that I did not make a mistake and had to unsew and resew for the zipper pattern to be correct. 

First Try  

Hope you make some time for sewing and quilting.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Comfort Quilt Finish

    I finished quilting and binding the Carolina Chain quilt.  It will be a comfort quilt for church.

I know I have said before that I enjoy making these blocks as leader/ender.  They are great to use my stash of 2 ½” squares and 2 ½ by 4 ½” bricks. 

     I also made another coiled fabric bowl, only I made it into a basket with a braided handle.  It will be a perfect addition for Easter. 

Enjoy some time sewing/quilting.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Work In Progress

     A few days ago I made a blue coiled fabric bowl pictured here.  

 Today I decided to add tabs for handles and accent. 

The tabs were finished pillowcase style with a layer of batting before being added.  I had a little difficulty because of the thickness but I like the look. This is another sample for the class offered at Creative Sewing in West Columbia.

     I was quilting on a Carolina Chain (Bonnie Hunter design) for a comfort quilt. I love this pattern and make blocks as a leader/ender project.  Quilting was paused to unplug machines because of lightening and storms.

Stay safe but enjoy some time sewing and quilting.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Projects in the Works

    Of the many quilts I have made I have not made one especially for my younger granddaughter.  She LOVES dogs and I have been planning a dog quilt for her which I hope to have finished for her 5th birthday in July.  I am finally making good progress.  Here are 8 of the blocks with 12 planned.

 I love the 3 D ears.  The faces are paper-pieced.

     I am blessed to have my mother’s 1923 Bilo baby doll and carriage. 

Many years ago my sister Irene made the body for the small Bilo style baby doll. I did not like the extra wide hips so I recently cut down the hips revising the body and made an outfit.  I plan to make more. 

      April 13th I am scheduled to teach a class at Creative Sewing for making a coiled fabric bowl or basket.  Here is a small sample I recently made. I plan to make a few more before the class.  

      This lovely spring weather also has me spending more time in the yard.

Hope you enjoy some time sewing or quilting.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Finishes This Week

    This week I have had guild meeting and church quilt group meeting so not much sewing/quilting time at home.  At GCQ guild meeting we had a terrific trunk show and talk by Laura Blanchard of Plum Tree Quilts.  Her TAW pattern includes the addition of geese to add an interesting accent. 

As you sew the blocks for this pattern you also create the bonus HSTs for a smaller quilt.

      Even though I have been away from home 2 mornings, I finished quilting a small wall-hanging that will be donated to Ashe County Piecemakers Guild ( West Jefferson, NC) for their small quilt auction in July.  I pieced the top a couple of years ago as a class sample for turned edge machine applique. 

 I practiced dense background quilting to add dimension for the applique.

    I also finished my Lego comfort lap quilt for church group.

     It is a little cooler this morning but this is my day to get out in the yard to do a little more cleaning of flower beds and such.  Then this afternoon I will be ready to relax and piece some.

Enjoy some time sewing/quilting.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Scrap Play and Finishes

     I love playing with scraps, rainbows and bright quilts so I am excited to be participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year. The color for March has been red.  I pulled scraps from my stash plus spent some time cutting units as well as made-fabric play. I put this month’s creations with the past 2 and here are my blocks so far. 

 By the end of the year I should have several beautiful bright small quilts to donate or gift.

    When I am at my home away from home, I frequently piece made-fabric from crumbs.  Last summer I created many green/blue blocks.  I started sewing them into a quilt top and decided I wanted it larger.  Next time I sewed green/blue made-fabric, I did not have the others with me.  When I put them with the first batch, they had much more bright green and not much blue and I felt they did not match.   The next time I paid closer attention and made more.  I have a lap quilt of mostly green made-fabric blocks which I finished a few months back and now the full bed size green/blue quilt is finished.  The design was inspired by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. 

To go with the modern design I used my walking foot and quilted the center using the serpentine utility stitch. I did a FM motif in the border which does not show up well on the large print.

I also finished a couple of pillowcases for our local Ronald McDonald House.  The main fabric was donated by Springfield Fabrics of Fort Mill, SC.

It is still too cold to work in the yard.
Enjoy some time sewing or quilting.
I'm linking up with SoScrappy Scrap Happy Saturday .  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Playing with Scraps

    Not a lot of sewing has been going on this past week since I am visiting family and spending time with granddaughters. I have spent some free time cutting up odd scraps into usual size squares and strips such as 6  1/2", 4  1/2", 3  1/2" and 2  1/2".  I did take time to this morning to piece a red scrappy star for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge since red is the color for March.

   I hoped to work outside but it is too cold and damp.  Better day to sew.  Enjoy some time sewing and quilting.   

Friday, March 3, 2017

Kids Quilt Finishes

     For the past week I have split my time by working in the yard in the morning and quilting in the afternoon.  Today I finished sewing the binding on 2 kids quilts. 

This quilt started with 6 orphan nine patches. 

I quilted with several FM motifs. Not perfect by any means but simple. 

Next is a design I am calling 4 and 4 Patches.  It was a good leader/ender pattern.

I love the bright backing.

Enjoy some time sewing or quilting. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day Trip to Quilt Con East

    I was lucky to spend Saturday at Quilt Con in Savannah, GA. It was a wonderful show of modern quilts and beautiful weather.  I am so glad the show was close enough for friends and me to make a day trip.  The grand prize winner was Katherine Jones with her quilt “Bling” inspired by a princess cut diamond and foundation pieced.  

 Here are some other winners or ones that I liked.  The photo files are large so if you click on them, you should be able to view a larger detailed image. 

  I was inspired.  Hope you enjoy some time sewing or quilting.