Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Finish

     I finished the quilting and binding on this big block quilt. 
The pattern is the January Giant Block from Kitchen Table Quilting.  They have been sharing one each month.  I used the 36” block set on-point which finishes at 50”; however, I added a top and bottom border to make a rectangle quilt 50” by 58”.

    I started back quilting on another in-progress lap quilt that I used for Angela Walters’ Free-Motion Challenge Quilt Along. I should have it finished in a day or two. It has been fun and challenging to try lots of different designs in the various blocks.

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Enjoy time sewing or quilting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Doll Backpacks and Some Quilting

       My granddaughters love to play that their 18” dolls are going to school.  They have been using plastic grocery bags to carry their school supplies. I have a cute pattern for Zoo Animal Backpacks from PixieFaire.  This morning I decided to make 2 doll backpacks. I used fabric and zippers from my stash so only bought some 15 mm eyes. 
       First I made the penguin. 
He is not perfect but very cute. 
My second try was better. I made the monkey and made sure to line up the front and back better. 

It is not a beginner pattern but the directions are good.  You do have to sew 2 zippers in each.
Aren’t they cute?  Now I am looking for some little books to fit in them. 

      I am almost finished quilting a lap quilt for my guild challenge to use a large print fabric. I only used the large print for the center of this big block quilt.  (Pattern is from Kitchen Table Quilting except I added top and bottom border to make a rectangle. )
In the setting triangles I decided to try a combination of new quilting motifs.  The rose (which is in the large print) is a design by Lori Kennedy. Here is a link to her tutorial.  
 The leafy motif I just made up to mimic some leaves in the center fabric.   Three corners are quilted.

 I only do one corner a day so one more day of quilting.

Enjoy time sewing or quilting when you are not out enjoying the spring weather.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Little Quilting Progress

      This week my garden took priority and I have spent every morning working in my yard, weeding flower beds and trimming azaleas. 

Many of my bearded iris were very pretty this spring but some beds need attention for them to be pretty next year which means thinning out and resetting.
      Many afternoons I needed to rest and was not in the mood to sew much or quilt.  I cut a few kits to sew the “Have Faith” block leader /ender.   I love the pattern shared by Jamie as guest host on Confessions of a Fabric Addict blog.  I am looking forward to making this quilt with some fun scraps.

      Thursday afternoon I got around to sandwiching 2 quilts - one charity and one for me. This pattern was the mystery 2 years ago on From My Carolina Home blog.  It is her “Scrap Dance Waltz” pattern. She shares a mystery quilt each year. One recently wrapped up. 

Enjoy time sewing or quilting when you rest from enjoying the spring weather.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Playing with Strings

      Last week I filled a box with most of my kid fabric strings and scraps and prepared to play.   I have admired a couple of free-form string quilts.  Victoria Findlay Wolfe has a tutorial on her blog for a Waverunner string quilt. 

I have also admired this string quilt by Wanda at Exuberant Color blog. 

 I decided to use my kid fabric strings to play with for my version.  I organized my kid strings by length. 
I separated the smaller pieces to sew together as crumbs leader/ender style.   
       As I pieced the center,
I decided that I wanted to add a border to hold all the edge seams, frame and give the eye a place to rest. Here is the resulting top. 

It was so much fun, I plan to play more with my strings.

Enjoy time sewing or quilting when you rest from enjoying the spring weather.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Morning Star Quilt Finish

     I finished quilting and binding the Morning Star graduation gift quilt. 

I quilted an overall swirl and swirls in the border.  Here is the front.

Here is the back. I piece one leftover block into the back. 

       I have made some progress quilting on my RWB Improv Lemoyne Star.   I quilted free form feathers with a swirl filler in the 4 light blue corners.
 I love quilting free form feathers. Today I plan to tackle the pieced border between sections.  I always struggle to choose the motif to custom quilt.  
Enjoy time sewing or quilting if you aren’t out enjoying the spring.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Making a Little UFO Progress

     Spring is here in South Carolina and I have enjoyed my pretty azaleas. 
I spent a couple of mornings working in the flower beds and yard this week and was too tried to quilt in the afternoon.
    I did make a little progress as I pulled out my RWB Improv Lemoyne Star and did some quilting.
 The center section is quilted.  It is difficult to see because I used matching thread.  I stopped to contemplate how to quilt the outer section.    

       My sister used the Morning Star blocks made by both of us and pieced this top.  I have it sandwiched 

and started the quilting using a swirl motif.  The quilt will be a college graduation present for a nephew so I wanted to get busy.  

     I have pieced a couple of mug rug tops with Bible verse sayings on Printed Treasures fabric. 

I used scraps to make one sample Pansy mug rug/coaster. 
You can watch a free tutorial on YouTube by ShabbyFabrics and download the free pattern.  They offer a placemat size and coaster.  The coaster finishes at 6 ½” so I am calling it a mug rug.  

Enjoy time sewing or quilting if you aren’t out enjoying the spring.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Finishes for March

   I finished quilting the Broken Herringbone quilt and am counting it as finished even though the binding still needs to be sewn on. 

I used the quilt to practice a variety of quilting motifs; some from Angela Walters FMQ Challenge Along. 

   I quilted this dot quilt for a friend.  She will add the binding.

   My 10 year old granddaughter practiced her FMQ with the Bernina stitch regulator and used part of her practice to make a couple of mug rugs.  She machine sewed on the binding.

  I use some time to make a few mug rugs that will be gifted. Instead of binding, I finished them pillowcase style.

Hope you have a Happy Easter whether or not you have any time for sewing or quilting.